Our Cocktail ice cream



Our mum’s favourite. We love drinking Rosé and were inspired to bring this to the dessert menu. We use real Rosé in our ice cream to ensure you get the full experience. Adding a little bit of strawberry so it isn’t too bitter. This sorbet is perfect for a summer wedding or a night in with friends on the terrace.

Gin & gently

Our Gin & Tonic ice cream with a strong lemon flavour. This sorbet is delicious to have as a dessert to clean the palate. It contains 4,6% alcohol, so consume carefully if you still must step in the car. This adult treat has fresh lemon juice to give it a strong citrus note.



moscow mule

For those that like ice cream to also be a little spicy. The ginger beer we use gives it a spicer taste at the end, we use lemon juice for a citrus note. For our artisan cocktail ice cream, we use vodka to give it a 4,6% alcoholic kick.


O maama my spritz

Inspired by the summer terrace classic from Italy, Aperol Spritz. We wanted to bring the sunshine to your taste buds and use Aperol in our ingredients as well as orange liqueur to give you a summer time classic as a dessert. Containing 3% it is also lighter on the alcohol to give you a refreshing taste.