• Cashew nuts: are a key ingredient to ensure our ice cream can remain milk free and nevertheless have a creamy texture. You need fat to be able to create a creamy texture in ice cream. We buy our cashew nuts from a German supplier who owns their own plantation in Africa. They assure that the cashew nuts are ecologically friendly and pay a fair working wage.

  • Agave Syrup: a key ingredient to sweeten our ice cream and reduce the amount of granular sugar in our ice cream. During our tests we discovered that agave syrup has a more natural taste to it than sugar. We use ecologically friendly agave syrup that comes from Mexico. In line with our own philosophy we buy from a provider who ensures fair wages.

  • Honey: we only use honey for the production of Peanut Butter Pleasure. We tried using agave syrup however it didn’t mix well with the peanut taste. We buy the honey directly from the beekeepers to ensure a high quality.

  • Strawberries: we buy a strawberry puree that is made of 100% strawberries. Our supplier is based in Germany however sources the strawberries from across Europe. They do a yearly quality control and fly to the plantations to ensure workers are treated fairly as well as the strawberry production.

  • Dark chocolate: we buy our chocolate from Callebout. Callebout is one of the largest chocolate producing companies in the world. They are recognised for their excellent quality as well as avancing the rights of the cocoa farmer. They have a programme in Africa that ensures cocoa farmers are paid a liveable wage.

  • Peanuts: our peanuts are ecologically friendly as well as being traded fairly. Our suppliers is the same one as for the cashew nuts.

  • Inulin: is a fructose which is found in the chicory plant. It is an odourless and nearly tasteless powder that we use for our ice creams as a filler. A filler is an ingredient which doesn’t add any taste or texture to the ice cream but is needed to ensure it freezes and becomes a solid mass rather than remain in liquid form. Another advantage for us is that it is easy to buy in an ethical way.

  • Maltodextrin: is a type of sugar that we use to reduce the freezing limit of our ice cream. It differs to industrial sugar in that it freezes faster which is useful when you start adding alcohol to the recipe.

  • Dextrose: another type of sugar that we use to make our ice cream creamier. It also helps with the consistency of our ice cream, the dextrose helps to avoid that the different ingredients seperate after time.

  • Dry glucose: implemented to help with the consistency of our ice cream.

  • Guar gum: is a thickening agent as well as a stabilizer. It is extracted from guar beans and is vegan.

  • Carob bean gum: is a thickening agent which helps us bind our mixtures together. It is vegan and comes from the seeds of the carob tree.

  • Goma de algarroba: lo mismo como la goma guar, es necesario para mantener juntos los ingredientes en la mezcla.