Plant based ice cream


chocolate clouds

If Charlie in the Chocolate Factory were real and had created ice cream it might be something you will find when you open one of our tubs. Very intense chocolate taste due to our use of dark chocolate, Callebout 70,3%, and not just cacao powder. We use agave syrup to sweeten the ice cream instead of lots of sugar. We use Allo agave syrup which is harvested fair trade and ecologically in Mexico.


Strawberry fields

If you love strawberries then this is for you. Our ice cream contains 40% pure strawberries to really achieve an intense flavour. This ice cream works very well in combination with a cake. Our use of cashew nuts allows our ice cream to have a creamier consistency, which means it isn’t as watery in the mouth as a sorbet.


peanut butter pleasure

Peanut butter ice cream is mixed with dark chocolate pieces to give a very nutty flavour without being too sweet. We added honey because it is a brilliant natural sweetener and allows us to reduce the amount of sugar we put in our ice cream.