We use agave syrup or honey to sweeten our ice cream. In this way we reduce the amount of granular sugar in our recipes. We however don’t replace sugar entirely due to the strong taste of both options, this way we ensure chocolate clouds retains its intense chocolate flavour.

The use of cashews in our strawberry and chocolate ice cream allows for a much creamier texture due to the fat that is contained in the cashew nut. We also love using cashews because they don’t have a very strong taste compared to other nut alternatives.

Our cocktail ice cream remains very faithful to the original cocktail. To be able to convert a alcoholic drink into an ice cream we use quite a bit of inulin. Inulin is won from the chicorée plant and it serves as fiber or filler to keep our ice cream from being too liquid.

The sugars we use for our ice cream all serve a specific purpose. Usually they help us create a creamier consistency or help with the freezing point of our recipe.I